Development of a brand for EBERTOWSKI Music Academy

I was asked to create a logo for EBERTOWSKI Music Academy – a music school for infants and children. The main goal was to develop a sign that will point to and emphasize this fact by its elements and characteristics.

Music notation – the sign consists of five horizontal lines suggesting the staff, which directly relates to the field of music. Letters „E” and „B” located on the staff refer to the first 2 letters of the name EBERTOWSKI that is the surname of the founder of the Academy. The letters – placed on the corresponding line of the staff and thereby woven into the sign, refer to musical notation indicating sounds E and B.

Friendly & soft appearance –  rounded edges of the staff and a distinctive Fredokka One font with its informal nature make the logo look friendly and create a sense of security. This is how it was emphasized that the Academy’s offer is addressed to children.

Energetic coloring –  thanks to the juicy orange the whole brand identity is full of energy and stands out from the competition. The additional indigo blue used in promotional materials builds a nice contrast and attracts the eye.